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Merry Christmas

There is reason to have hope for me.  A savior came and has forgiven my transgressions in the past, present, and future, and so loves the world and all people.

Merry Christmas to everyone may God Bless Everyone


Neal PipePromise  by NealCrz
Into my life a soft wind blow
her spirit true and center glow
my gaze aware did follow thou
to swirl about in hope’s corral

Dance, share, and witness bare
soul and breast with raring ear
with words so pure did hope arise
to a supple state my soul surmise

Though bulwark spring to ward my heart
my feet stood fast, and na’er would part
her salute was captain beyond all scrutinay
my mind and feet abide in mutiny

Hope and trust did spark affection
passions slumbering roused in conjunction
endearing gaze still deeper dash
a kindred bond a red rose sash

Now each day I peer the chart
with leeward sail she guides my heart
hope abounds for future come
affection and love is now my drum


Neal Mistletoe

Neal Wearing

Entente Coat

L&B Jeans: Awesome jeans

380 Boots

Utopia Scarf

Mandala Cross

Meli Imako Hat

Entente Glasses

Fashion Leads or Follows a Feeling?


Does fashion set the mood or does one’s mood determine the fashion?   For good fashion, it’s both, and let me explain.  Waking up on a day off from work and selecting something to wear offers many options and how one feels can lead the way,  yet on that same day if one has a formal event to attend, options are narrowed.  However, even with less options, well made and fitted clothes can add amazing feeling, inspire confidence, and help the wearer focus more on who they’re with.

Pure Confidence

Neal Balancing

Just so happens I had such an evening last night, where a Tuxedo was the acustomed attire.  A well fitted Tuxedo is a great style for men and can set the man apart, yet a poorly fashioned one can look worse than even the cheapest jeans.  So,  I wanted something that was classic, but fit how I felt.  I was excited about the formal evening with my close friend  and I wanted everything to be perfect as we danced the night away.  Because I wanted a classic look with a modern edge, I went with the open collar tie.  I knew Utopia had the perfect look for me.  For classic looks, details make the difference and Utopia doesn’t skimp on those in their Etienne Black Tuxedo for men.  There are multiple sleeve options,  collar options,  a styled lapel. and some optional open collar looks.   While I chose the style based on my feeling,  the fashion was so well appointed, my confidence was solid and I turned my attention completely to my date.The evening affair was filled with amazing conversation,  beauty, and a feeling that is forever memorable.


Neal on Balance Chair

On Neal

Tuxedo: Utopian Etienne with the Etienne Black Set option.
: Muism Ankle Boots Black.
Hair: UncleWeb Studios Robin – Firewall
: Cailyn Miller- For Him Onyx Band
: Belleza Jacob Deep Tan 1
Weechee Zinner’s Chair Tip Over and Laid Back